Sunday, April 09, 2006

Last post...for now.

I started this blog to show how large an impact little, everyday actions can really have. I wanted to detail, for example, how much energy is saved and pollution averted every time a single can is recycled. I wanted people to know that eating veggies isn't just good for themselves but for the whole world by explaining the strain on natural resources and other negative externalities that arise from raising livestock. I wanted readers to know how to answer that question, "paper or plastic" (neither; cloth! But if it's not an option, then plastic. Click here for why).

Thing is, it takes a lot of time to research these things, and right now I don't have that time (or rather, I choose not to make that time). I plan to come back to this, but for now, consider this the final post of this blog. As an alternative, I highly recommend signing up for the DailyBite newsletter from; it's the closest thing out there to what I would do myself, and its editors are clearly making the time. :)

Thanks for reading!

IdealBite is great, but this is what I tried to start! we are what we do